Simple Setup

Create an EmptyJar email address, give us your real address to forward to, then give the EmptyJar address to companies who send you commercial mail. We will convert the mail to a single image and send it to you embedded within the email. No JavaScript, pixel dot images or any other tracking will reach your inbox.


You can set up as many EmptyJar email addresses as you like, and at any point block mail for them. The address stays linked to your account, so you can unblock at any time too. Get a subdomain to freely give out email addresses ( knowing that we will always forward them for you.

I'm Sold!

Fantastic! We charge a very reasonable £2 per month for up to 1000 emails and take Paypal, debit or credit card.

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How it works

  1. You give out email addresses in the form Each one can be unique, so you'll know when someone has sold your email address.
  2. When we get an email for you, our servers process it, downloading any remote images, converting the entire email to an image, and sending you the image as an attachment, along with the plain text part of the email (emails often have a plain text counterpart with all of the same information, just without the pretty pictures).
  3. Any cookies, trackers, pixel images etc will be accessed on our servers, with no link to you, as soon as the message is received. You will get an email with a single image as an attachment, no remote content, and no trackers.

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Who sold my email address?

Use a different address for each company (e.g. that way you know if someone has sold your address, given it away, or suffered a data breach - the incoming messages will identify the company you gave the email to. There is no need to set these up in advance - by default, anything will be delivered to you. You can block addresses at any time, so if Acme Widgets (or someone else) starts sending you junk, just log in and block the address you used.

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Sample Emails

These are sample images rendered by from marketing emails sent to our staff.